The Best 6 Corporate Trainers in India, Ranked

Bringing a top speaker or expert to your event can be a game-changer. Whether it is inspiring, engaging life stories or driving change within your organisation or institution. This article ranks the best six corporate trainers in India.

In India, corporate trainers are in high demand for their wealth of knowledge and experience. With a focus on developing employee skills and competencies. They can play a vital role in helping organisations reach their goals. To help you identify the best trainers available in India, we’ve compiled a list of the top six according to customer reviews and industry standards.

Each of these trainers has a unique set of skills and can offer something different to the companies they work for. For example, some specialise in improving employee productivity, while others focus more on leadership development. Additionally, all six are highly experienced corporate trainers and have received accolades from their peers as well as positive customer feedback.

Here is our list of the best six corporate trainers in India:

1. Krishna Athal

According to reviews and feedback from various companies, Krishna Athal tops the list of the best corporate trainers in India. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the National Aviation Academy (India) and Executive Director of YUVA.

Krishna has spent the last 14 years of his journey serving organisations in leadership positions with high professionalism. By making major corporate decisions and managing companies’ overall operations and resources, he has distinguished himself in the field. Krishna is a recipient of numerous national and international leadership and innovation awards, and holds a distinction bachelor’s degree in Business and Enterprise from Edinburgh (UK), an MBA in Leadership and Management from York (UK), and is currently a PhD doctorant, researching on “Leading from behind v/s Leading from the front”.

2. Balachandar NV

Balachandar NV is an HR leader with proven capability in delivering people objectives in line with the business strategy. Versatile experience in the service as well as the manufacturing industry. Handled a diverse workforce across geographies. Capable of dealing with a cross-section of people across the hierarchy. Well versed with global work practices as well as local statutory compliance.

Currently, he is the Executive Director (HR) of Ashok Leyland (A global Bus & Truck maker with a significant presence in India & the Middle-east, the UK, Europe and South America with revenues in excess of US 3.5 billion). Member of the core-operating team and HR leader providing functional leadership to all manufacturing plants and key divisions across all geographies. His specialities include being a hands-on trainer and a certified t-group facilitator. A Hay certified Job-evaluator. Well-versed in the Balanced Score Card model of goal-setting. Comfortable with Hewitt and Mercer compensation models and job equivalence.

3. Kashmira Mody

Kashmira Mody has extensive experience and proven success in supporting individuals and organisations to clarify vision and values, set the right size goals, and build accountable systems for success. She emphasises on the responsibility and empowerment of the individual in alignment with the needs of the business and organisation.

Kashmira has delivered over 15 open and corporate events and engaged over 300 people with topics including personal and professional growth, business excellence & impact measurement, alignment of goals to vision and values, and yoga & meditation for wellness. The USP of her work is Transformation. Through her, you can learn how your entire life response will shift 180 degrees from being reactive to external pressures and judgments to being powered by what is within you – your values, vision, and areas of genius.

4. Dr Ashwani Lohani

The virtues need to be used for evolving better systems and for inspiring colleagues to perform. Meet Dr Ashwani Lohani, the former chairman of the Railways Board of India, with nearly 13,00,000 people reporting to him.

Journey to a clean bureaucracy – India’s most honest officer shares his experiences on the past, present and future of governance in India. In order to perform, a bureaucrat, especially in the higher echelons, has to evolve as a leader and has to cultivate such leadership qualities that do not inspire awe or fear, but respect. This is done through leading by example, focus, objectivity, consistency, empathy, commitment to the tasks and an ever-burning desire to deliver.

5. Shruti Jain

Shruti Jain is a Ph.D. in Psychology and Life Coach. She combines a passion for contributing to the transformational journey of people with her proficient skills in international training, workshops, counselling, and coaching. She comes with significant experience of over 18 years of working in the mental health and education industry with her past associations, including the World Health Organization, New Zealand High Commission, Institute of International Education and Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), Lady Hardinge Medical College in significant areas like Behavioural Issues, Parenting, Teenage Issues, Relationship Management, Employability skills, Managing Career Transition, Communication Skills, Stress Management and Time Management.

Shruti has worked with New Zealand High Commission – supporting New Zealand’s international education promotion and global representation. She has led work in Skills and was actively involved with policymakers and stakeholders, including MHRD & Education Ministry of NZ. She has also worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment to promote understanding of NZs education system internationally. She worked for ACCC to manage India’s country project operations allowing her to work closely with Canadian post-secondary institutions, further enriching her knowledge cross-culturally. Her past association also includes working with the High Commission of Canada.

6. Bhagwan Das Verma

Bhagwan Das Verma is a Motivation Trainer at Vandua Motivation. He has over ten years of experience in the corporate and banking sector and has worked on Google interface as an advertising professional. He is skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Banking, Advertising, and Sales Management. After spending a decade in the corporate world, he followed his passion. He entered the world of public speaking because he wanted to develop the country with sharp and clear-minded personalities.

Bhagwan started a school based on the modern and interactive theme of the 21st-century education system, with an aim to develop this society by providing tips to parents about parenting, counselling, and motivating youngsters. He skillfully uses storytelling and case studies of successful people to get his point across and deliver inspiration, making the audience feel an instant connection. He holds an MBA focused on Marketing and Advertising from MONIRBA.

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