5 Best Hiking Trails in Mauritius

You must be knowing Mauritius for its nature and white beaches, but if you explore a little more, you will find the best hiking trails in Mauritius.

It’s enough lazing on beaches and enjoying Sega; go for a hike now! With high mountain peaks, grassy plains, flowing rivers, and water flows, hiking in Mauritius is a wholesome experience.

From highest to lowest, from most complicated to easiest, from having fun to being challenged, Mauritius has every kind of hike ready for you. If you love hiking, these are the five best hiking trails in Mauritius. Also, Mauritius has got you if you are someone who will hike for the first time. It offers hikes for all fitness levels.

Are you ready to capture the rare beauty of Mauritius by getting to the top of each peak?

1. Black River Gorges

826 meters long, Black River is the tallest peak in Mauritius. It is in Black River Gorges park, a national park of Mauritius covering 16,689 acres of island in the southwest and home to thousands of birds and plants.

Entry to the park is free. However, if you want to explore the most, it is recommended to hire a guide. The park offers a 120 km-long trail in the south and a 50 km-long trail in the east.

Black River Trail has a lot of scope for hiking. Moreover, it is one of the favourite hiking spots of hikers, as the view you get after 3 hours of hiking is mesmerizing.

Winters are the best choice for hiking in Black River. Don’t forget to keep your mosquito repellent cream, sunscreen lotion, hiking shoes, extra shirts, and energy food so that you find no inconvenience and enjoy your hiking to the fullest.

2. Tamarin Falls

Known as Seven Waterfalls, Tamarind Falls is the most famous hike in Mauritius. It originates from the Tamarind River, gives rise to seven waterfalls of different sizes, and offers different scenes to mesmerize our hearts.

The water finds its way to a pond and supplies to the Tamarind reservoir and the Longue reservoir. The sun’s reflection behind the seven waterfalls is the view your eyes will capture, and your mind will never forget. Apart from adding beauty to nature, the water of Tamarind Falls is also used to serve electricity to Mauritian people.

Tamarind Falls offer a choice for trekkers to trek through the forest or rock open area. You can pick your way through trees holding the branches as you go through so that you don’t slip and get your trek outfit covered with dirt which would be fun, either.

Basalt rocks can also form your way, where you have to take every step carefully and hold your feet firmly. It is recommended to hire a guide so that you can get to watch the most beautiful views as the guides know better.

3. Le Morne Brabant

It is 550 meters above sea level and on one of the most isolated territories of the island that covers an area of around 12 hectares.

Apart from being an adventurous spot, it is also known for its historical significance. It is said that during colonial rule, enslaved people jumped from the cliffs of mountains to take their lives as they didn’t want to be captured by the Britishers again. In 2008, the area found its place in the UNESCO Heritage site.

The hike is not physically challenging and relatively easy. The view from the top of lustrous blue turquoise is worth your time and effort. On clear days, there are chances of seeing the swirls underwater.

The first half of the hike is easy, but the hike becomes challenging once you reach the first plateau. You can rent a car as no public buses will take you there.

4. Lion Mountain

The name is so perfectly given, Lion Mountain is the most challenging trek you will come through in Mauritius. It got its name because of its sphinx-shaped structure.

Lion Mountain is surrounded by vast vegetation and rare plants and animals. The way to the foot of the mountain is through the sugarcane fields. The pathway is not always clear, and steep corners must be handled carefully. Hiring a guide for the unmarked route is recommended as there are chances of getting lost otherwise.

Reaching the summit 590 meters above sea level requires serious energy, but the view will not let your efforts go in vain.

5. Ebony Forest

Last but not least, Ebony Forest is very special to Mauritius. It is home to five of the nine endemic bird species – Mauritius Bulbul, Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher, Mauritius Kestrel, Grey White-Eye, Pink Pigeon, and Echo Parakeet.

Visit the Ebony Forest to capture the greenery of Mauritius, see the endemic birds, and experience a fantastic hike. The hike is relatively easy and suitable for friends, family, and couples.

Take your hiking shoes, mosquito-resistant, and food and enjoy the hike to get a fantastic view from the summit.

Escape from the blue turquoise lagoons of Mauritius for a while and explore the greenery of Mauritian forests, hear the chirping of birds, watch the endangered species of the planet, touch the rare plants, capture the view, and get lost in the beauty of nature but make sure not to get lost in the forest.

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