Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Mauritius

Today, more than 1.4 billion people use Instagram for personal and professional purposes. But do you know the top 10 Instagram influencers in Mauritius?

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms. As per the news published in Meta Advertising, more than 350,000 users are from Mauritius, approximately 28% of the total population of Mauritius. Most Mauritian users of Instagram are of 18-25 years of age.

Most people are audiences on Instagram, while some form the community through their content and become influencers. People can build a community on fashion, style, travel, self-improvement, education, business, etc. People who resonate with the content of these creators follow them, and the community grows in such a way. People who build a community of many people get their accounts verified. Verified accounts have a blue tick with their name so that people can get to the right accounts when they search for the people and not land on the fake accounts.

Are you looking for the top influencers of Mauritius to collaborate with? Collaborating with top influencers on Instagram is a fantastic idea to grow your account and get visibility.

Below is the list of the top 10 Instagram Influencers in Mauritius as of 2023:

1. Krishna Athal (

Krishna Athal is a corporate professional, founder of YUVA, and one of the best life coaches in Mauritius. He is an alumnus of TAFE Australia, Edinburgh Napier University (UK) and York St John University (UK). As a PhD doctorant researching on “Leading from Behind v/s Leading from Front”, he talks about leadership, self-improvement, and consistency and helps people grow.

Krishna has 16.2k followers on Instagram, and you can join him at His content is easy to grasp and loved by people for its simplicity and clarity. You can follow him to learn the art of mastering your life!

2. Desislava Dimitrova (@desi_dimitrov)

Desislava is one of the top public figures of Mauritius. She has 160k followers on Instagram. @desi_dimitrov is her username if you wish to add her on Instagram. She is into bodybuilding, style, and fashion. Dimitrova has also written a book named “Beautiful Body”. She inspires people to love their bodies and build them as they want. Her highlights will also reflect her love for travelling and a glimpse of the countries she has visited.

3. Udianskaya Yana (@udianskaya)

Udianskaya is one of the top Instagram influencers in Mauritius, with 1.3 million followers. She has her blog on Instagram. She posts her pictures and shows her life to influence people. Lifestyle and fashion are her topics. People love her for her fashion sense and follow her fashion guides. She is also into travelling; she captures her trips to inspire people. You can hunt Yana on Instagram by searching @udianskaya.

4. Arnaud Bilquez (@bilquezarnaud)

Arnaud is another top influencer in Mauritius. He is a startup and crypto mentor. He has 111k followers on Instagram. He is also the founder of “La French Economy – Think Tank pour le Made in France”.

. Arnaud also offers personal advice on startups and crypto. You can find him on Instagram With the username @bilquezarnaud. His feed reflects his interest in different forms of art. You can follow him for crypto tips.

5. Liliya Aksenova (@luckylilu)

Liliya is one of the top influencers in Mauritius. She has 149k followers with more than 2000 posts on her Instagram profile. You can find her on Instagram with the username @luckylilu. She is into fashion, style, and beauty. People adore her pictures. Her bio on Instagram, “Life Admirer”, reveals her attitude of gratitude.

6. Audrey Lieutad (@audreylieutad)

Audrey Lieutad is the founder of Monpetitbikini and Nhlt Paris. Monpetitbikini produces pyjamas and bikinis, while Nhlt Paris is into swimwear and fashion. Audrey enjoys the following 112k followers on Instagram. You can hunt her on Instagram with the username @audreylieutad. She is the mother of one and also entertains people through Tiktok.

7. Ally Royals (@ally_royals)

Ally Royals is another top public figure of Mauritius. He has 110k followers while only 70 posts on Instagram. He is a content creator, and his topics are marketing and politics. Ally’s highlights reflect his love for travelling and sports. He is on Instagram with the username @ally_royals.

8. Om Lombard (@omlombard)

Om Lombard is one of the top influencers on Instagram. He has 127k followers, while his account is still private. Om is the owner of Zoomania, a pet store in Mauritius. He is an animal lover and believes in humanity. He is also a model. You can follow him on Instagram with the username @omlombard.

9. Raju Birion (@rajubirion)

Raju Birion is a content creator with 45.7k followers on Instagram. He entertains the audience by making funny short videos on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. He is also into marketing the products like airports, hair wax, shirts, jewellery, etc., through his official website. His username on Instagram is @rajubirion. Follow him to watch his content or buy his products.

10. Kirill Sulyga (@kirillsulyga)

Kirill Sulyga is another top influencer with 98.7k followers on Instagram. He is an artist and explorer. He explores the world and brings it to people to inspire. You can stalk him on Instagram with the username @kirillsulyga. His followers love his reels covering the beauty of nature.

These were the top influencers on Instagram with a fantastic reach. You can collaborate with them to boost your audience engagement and maximize your visibility.

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